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DocumentFragment and The DOM

DocumentFragment improves DOM performance by creating fragments of elements not part of the DOM and without a parent element to be attached to the DOM...

June 27th, 2020 | 5 mins read

Parameters and Arguments

Parameters, simply put, are variable names which are used to hold values which are passed when we call a function or a method. We pass in parameters w...

June 23rd, 2020 | 5 mins read

What are Static Site Generators?

Static site generators are a new and popular technology used in creating fast, powerful and secured static sites.

May 3rd, 2020 | 3 mins read

column-count in CSS, For Responsive Layouts

column-count is a CSS property used on elements to split their immediate children to specified columns. The browser helps in trying to give allocate e...

April 24th, 2020 | 4 mins read

Array.sort in Javascript

The sort method is used on arrays to arrange the values in a specified order which depends on a compare function. If no compare function is specified,...

April 10th, 2020 | 3 mins read

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