Simplifying web topics like you're five


TheWebFor5 is a blog platform for demystifying web topics as assumed to be teaching a five year old. It was launched by Dillion Megida on January 1st, 2020 (more details on him below).

So far, there are 24 articles already written.

There are undeniably numerous platforms already built for teaching web topics but this hopes to be different such that the topics aren't entirely explained in technical terms but simpler ones which a five year old would understand. Also note that despite the means used in explanation, the technicalities involved in such topics would not be left behind.

The little requirement for five year olds (lol) hoping to learn from this platform is that they should have the appetite for reading. This is stated because literally, five year olds wouldn't actually like reading. Right?

We hope to give you the best in this platform : ). Kindly reach us on twitter - @TheWebFor5 for any contributions or questions.

Dillion Megida, founder of TheWebFor5

Dillion Megida

A front-end developer, graphics designer and technical writer. He founded this site with the purpose of breaking down topics in web development into its simplest pieces.


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This site is built with GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify. With this tutorial on GatsbyJS, you would get to understand how to work with the framework if you have no prior understanding.

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